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CitiAnalytics is a web based real time city analysis tool, enabling cities to understand

congestion, traffic counts, people movement and pollution

Derived from underlying IoT data sources including mobile phone data from Vodafone and GPS data from HERE, Citi Analytics contains the following modules:


Roads Real-Time Provides breakdown of journey time RAG status across key corridors in real time. View traffic counts for all corridors in real time. Alerts for changes in RAG status for corridors or Points of Interest (POI).

Roads Historic Interrogate archive of journey time and traffic count information.

OD Analyser View the start and end locations of trips for any point – available by mode of travel and purpose of trip.

Route Analyser Analyse our MND routing archive for your area to understand how people actually travel from A to B and what movements use your key road corridors.

Population Density View real-time dynamic population counts and query retrospectively to understand the number of people around your city for any given time.

Pollution Watch View pollution emissions data in real-time. Combine with Population Density to see pollution exposure in your city.

CitiAnalytics Summary


  • View traffic, movements and pollution in real-time

  • Analyse archive of city information

  • Web based interface

  • APIs available for Smart-City Platforms

  • Fully GDPR-compliant

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